Garden suites for elders.

Building all over Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland !

What is a garden suite?

Garden suites are independent secondary homes that are located in the backyard of a property with a single family home.


of the communities in British Columbia currently permit garden suites¹, and bylaws are being reviewed and adapted to support this growing movement.

1. BC Housing Research Centre (2021) Accessory Dwelling Units: Case Studies and Best Practices from BC Communities

What is unique about a garden suite for elders?

Supports health & independence

A fully accessible space makes life at home easier and safer for you and your care givers, as your needs change.

Creates financial stability & control

Investing in the right home for elderhood means you control where you live, how you live, and what services you want.

Gives peace of mind

When you have a plan for yourself, your family, and your current and future needs, everyone has peace of mind.

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How to get a Vesta home?


& Planning

  • Your wants & needs
  • Property Inspection
  • Financing plan

1-2 weeks


& Permits

  • Property layout plan
  • Features & options
  • Permit application

4-6 weeks


& City Inspections

  • Utility hookups
  • On-site construction
  • Pathway & landscape

4-5 months


& Handover

  • Occupancy permit
  • Home insurance
  • Move in & Enjoy!

1 week

We love building relationships and homes. Our goal is to understand what you love, and what you need. Then, we build a home that supports that. If you are ready to start your Review & Planning, or just want to learn more, please contact us!

Contact Us!

Considering a garden suite can be a daunting task. Our experienced team is ready to help you make a plan, and get it done!



Is a garden suite a permanent structure?

Yes, the home sits on a standard concrete foundation, with a concrete subfloor. The home is standard timber frame construction.

Does family tree homes sell factory-built homes?

Yes, we also offer factory-built homes. We are partnered with licensed and experienced modular home builders on Vancouver Island to build one, or twenty of these homes! Please contact us to learn more!

Are these homes covered by home warranty insurance?

Yes, our licensed residential builders provide a 2-5-10 Year Home Warrant Insurance.

Can I have a short-term vacation rental in a garden suite?

This depends on your local municipalities bylaws. A Property Report covers all the allowable uses of your property. Please contact us to schedule a site inspection.

Can I have a short-term vacation rental in a garden suite?

This depends on your local municipalities bylaws. A Property Report covers all the allowable uses of your property. Please contact us to schedule a site inspection.

Can I put multiple garden suites on one property?

Depending on the zoning. We can help locate properties ideal for group investments, and we work with lenders that are able to finance this scale of work.

How do I figure out if my property works for a garden suite?

We provide a Property Report, based on a site inspecton, and review of city records. This determines what can be done, and what will have to be done.

Some factors to consider are, your lot size, zoning limitations, city utilities available (sewer, water, gas), and property access for construction. A property inspection completed by someone in our team provides these answers, and includes a site plan with ideal garden suite locations!

Please contact us to schedule a site inspection.

What if my backyard is on a laneway?

We can add a door to the rear wall of the home to provide convenient access. Each property is unique, we will make sure it fits for you!

What if my backyard is sloped?

If the grade is steep enough, we use a wood joist floor system instead of concrete subfloor. Ramps are custom fit to each property. A property inspection would determine the best way forward. Please contact us to schedule a property inspection.

What if I have lots of trees?

We work closely with local arborists and surveyors to locate and protect all trees. With reinforced foundations, and proper branch and root pruning, we can make most locations work.

What if my property only has a septic system?

Depending on your municipality, some allow gardens suites to be on septic, some do not. If your system is older, or does not have the capacity, you may have to upgrade it before adding another home. A property inspection would determine the best path forward.

What if my property doesn't have natural gas to it?

The appliances are compatible with propane or natural gas. If city gas is not available, we can put a propane tank behind your home for in-floor heating, hot water, fire place and optional gas cooking top. Or, you can choose all electric appliances.

Are garden suites eligable for mortgages?

Yes. The most common means of financing a build is with a home equity line of credit (HELOC), which is a line of credit secured by your primary home. Speak to your mortgage broker, or one of ours for more information.

How is living in a garden suite financially different than living in a care home?

When you buy a Vesta home you are investing in yourself. Instead of spending thousands per month at a care home with select options, you are investing in something you own, something you can share.

Can you help find a property to build on?

Yes, we have partners that we work alongside to find ideal properties for these types of homes.

How soon can I get a vesta?

We are booking builds one year out. Reach out to us so you can secure your vesta home.

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