A care home in your backyard.

Building all over Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland !

What is a Vesta?

A Vesta home is a Garden Suite (a.k.a. coach or carriage house) that can be built in the yard of a detached home.


of the communities in British Columbia are permitting them. ¹

1. BC Housing Research Centre (2021) Accessory Dwelling Units: Case Studies and Best Practices from BC Communities

Details that matter

A beautiful home in your or your kids backyard means you get to stay where you want, living the way you want.

Universal Design

A beautiful home in your or your kids backyard means you get to stay where you want, living the way you want.

Ready for move-in

A beautiful home in your or your kids backyard means you get to stay where you want, living the way you want.

Introducing the Vesta series


Bathroom (see options)

Square Feet Indoor



Square Feet Indoor

Coming Soon!

Combined space


Square Feet Indoor

How to get a vesta home?

Check your



  • Review property
  • Financing plan


your vesta home


  • Choose finishes
  • We get building permit

We build

your vesta home

  • On-site construction
  • Landscaping
  • City inspections

Move-in day!

  • Flick on the fire
  • Cook a feast
  • Enjoy!
Although delivery times may vary, most units can be completed in less than four months after obtaining permits. Reach out to one of our project designers to learn more.
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Can the vesta 700 fit in my backyard?
Most residential zoned lots are eligible for a vesta home. Our experienced Project Designers will review municipal zoning requirements and site specific conditions to determine eligibility.
Is this a semi-permanent or movable building?
No. A vesta home has a permanent foundation structure, just like a typical house.
What does A.D.A. compliant mean?
The Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) establishes accessibility guidelines for many products. The Canada Standards Association (CSA) adopted this act in 2010 to stay aligned with our largest trading partner.
How soon can I get a vesta 700?
We are booking builds one year out. Reach out to us so you can secure your vesta home.
Can the design of the unit be customized?
Yes. Interior and exterior finish options will be available.
Can I use a vesta home for anything else?
Yes, vesta homes are designed to meet universal design standards, meaning they are ideal for uses such as a rental suite, a home office, or a short-term vacation rental.
Is there a two bedroom option?
Yes. We are working on a 2 bedroom unit (vesta 900), and aim to launch in select cities by the end of 2021. We will also be offering a micro unit (vesta 400) within the same time frame.
Is a vesta home eligible for a standard mortgage?
Yes, we have partnered with local mortgage brokers to create mortgage products that fit your needs.
How is living at home financially different than living in a care home?
When you buy a vesta home you are investing in yourself. Instead of spending thousands per month at a care home with select options, you are investing in something you own, something you can share.
Seniors’ living reimagined.



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